Hobby Farming and more on this week’s show.

We kick off today’s show with an interview by Russell Snyder of WTTF in Tiffin, Ohio. Russell visits with Michael and Audrey Levatino who have been Hobby Farming while retaining successful careers in the business world for over a decade. They have just co-written a new book about their experiences “The Joy of Hobby Farming”. In the book, they teach readers how to do everything from balancing a professional career with a rural lifestyle, to making a small profit off of your crop in your local community, to raising everything from goats to bees, cutting beautiful flower arrangements, harvesting mushrooms and much, much more. Click here to visit their website.

Next is a piece by Brad Staggs, TV host from HGTV and the DIY Network. Brad is currently working with the folks from Southeastern Lumber Manufacturer’s Association to promote the use of  eco-friendly, natural woods for deck building and other projects. Free plans are available on Realoutdoorliving.com for 5 different designs.  If the homeowner wants to have them altered for their home, they can send in measurements and for a very small fee, they will be customized to fit. It’s a great spring project to make outdoor living space the best that it can be. 

  • Then Reggie Marston, the House PI, drops by with some cool tips for saving money on your energy bills this summer. Reggie is executive producer and host of the weekly radio show, “The House P.I.” the house private investigator, the show that’s all about houses. Reggie can be heard throughout the northern Virginia area on television channel 10 or around the world at www.fcac.org/webr every Wednesday afternoon from 2:00-3:00 PM EST. www.thehousepi.com or email: pi@ the housepi.com. He was the original house detective on HGTV’s hit show “The House Detective”.

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    Lastly, Andrea Ridout offers some earth-friendly ideas that cost little or nothing to implement.

    Music for the show this month is being provided by John Henry Holthus, a Kansas-based musician. 

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    Eco movers & shakers on this week’s show

    To celebrate Earth Day, three of the leading advocates of the environmental movement will stop by and visit with hosts Andrea Ridout and Dan Lepinski. Russell Snyder will be working on upcoming stories.


    Joel Salatin, an organic farmer and author featured in Michael Pollan’s book, “An Omnivore’s Dilemma,” and in the movie, “Food Inc.,” will discuss the need to change farming’s traditional business model, how organic products have evolved, life on an organic farm, future challenges to organic farming and more.


    Oscar- and Emmy-nominated director Robert Stone joins host Andrea Ridout to talk about his film, “Earth Days,” which closed the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and will air during the next week on PBS stations across the country. Stone will expand upon what drew him to document the environmental movement, discuss whether he sees the movement as a passing fad or legitimate force, and share what projects he’s working on now.


    As a young man in his 20’s, Denis Hayes helped organize the first Earth Day in 1970 along with Senator Gaylord Nelson and his co-chair, Pete McClosky. In this interview with Andrea Ridout, Hayes will recount the emotion and logistics behind the inaugural Earth Day, an event in which an estimated 20 million people participated. He also will compare people’s attitudes about environmental issues from 1970 to now and discuss what the future holds for America’s environmental agenda. His newest venture, The Bullitt Foundation, will also be discussed.

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    Your Hosts:

    • Andrea Ridout in Dallas, Texas
    • Russell Snyder of WTTF in Tiffin, Ohio


     Hello. Welcome to The Earth Train, the show that’s all about the planet and you!


     We have a great show today about food, film, solar power, and organic gardening.


     Our guests for today are:

                     Ana Sofia Jones – Director of Fresh the Movie

                    Joan Gussow, author and foodist

                    Dan “The Solar Man” Lepinski with updates on solar energy

     Music by provided by T. Mitchell Bell


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