Show for July 23, 2011

How can you and I get involved in environmental issues and make a difference in our communities? We’ll talk this week with some every day activists and offer some tips on how you can get involved in spreading the green message.

We begin the hour with Tanna Frederick, an avid Surfer, actress, writer, producer and environmentalist. She founded Project Save Our Surf to bring the entertainment and surfing industries together in support of clean oceans. The 4th annual SURF 24 surf-a-thon is scheduled for October 15th and 16th in Santa Monica with the goal of raising 50-thousand dollars to keep our beaches and oceans clean.

So you’ve found a cause you’re excited about. What is next? How do you organize and run an effective campaign for change? Green Corps can provide the answers and guidance you’re looking for. Josh Buswell-Charkow talks about effective campaigns for change and Green Corps’ Field School for Environmental Organizing.

Finally, Andrea talks with a legend in the green community, Denis Hayes. Denis received his undergraduate degree from Stanford and left Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government after being selected by Senator Gaylord Nelson to organize the first Earth Day in 1970. Since then, the event has grown to have a far-reaching impact.

It all goes to prove that a few individuals, sharing a common vision, can make a difference.